Children's Robitussin Honey Cough & Chest Congestion DM is a gluten free children's cough medicine that combines real honey flavor plus the effective cold and cough symptom relief you trust in Robitussin. This non-drowsy liquid expectorant and cough medicine for kids is an expectorant and a cough suppressant that soothes your child's throat on contact, and provides relief from mucus and chest congestion for cough relief. Robitussin Honey cough syrup has a tasty flavor and comes with a convenient dosing cup that makes it easy to take. For cough and chest congestion relief, give 5 mL to children 4 to under 6 years, 10 mL to children between ages 6 and under 12 and 20 mL to children 12 years and over every four hours while symptoms persist. Delivering cough relief for more than 70 years, Robitussin has the product you need to treat your specific cough, cold, sore throat or flu symptoms for day and night relief. Robitussin shuts coughs down.