Thinking Outside the Box Recipes

Thinking Outside the Box meals offer quick, healthy and economical solutions for your busy lifestyle. They also include tips and suggestions on how to use the leftover items after preparing your meal.

In addition to offering a nutritious recipe for a family meal, TOTB provides scientifically credible health and nutrition information with tips on how to improve the nutrition quality of the diet.  Use the compendium to assist you with your health and wellness goals. This resource is so trusted, it is promoted throughout the military community and used by multiple types of health and wellness stakeholders to reinforce their guidance related to optimal fueling, nutrition, and health. Try using these for a month and see what happens to not only your food budget but also your waistline!

They feature a key nutrient and align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and may even be a tastier and healthier version of a high-fat or high-calorie dish.

Start new healthy habits with these recipes as well as with Dietitian Approved recipes. For more Thinking Outside the Box recipes, visit our Healthy Living page.