Frequently Asked Questions

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For CLICK2GO locations and contact information visit and click on How CLICK2GO Works.

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How do I place a CLICK2GO order?
Select your preferred CLICK2GO Commissary Store. Search for products by name or select the department and category links to browse our virtual aisles. When you’re ready, complete checkout and choose your pickup time. For more information, including CLICK2GO participating locations, store hours and more visit How CLICK2GO works.

What should I bring to pick up my order?
Your military ID or authorized agent card is required
Confirmation email
Your credit/debit card

Where can I find more info about my store, including store information and holiday hours?
Find more information including store info and holiday hours by selecting your store location on

Do I pay for my order online or at the time of pickup?
Payment is collected at curbside pickup. Your total payment may be slightly different (either higher or lower) than your estimated total shown online due to random weight items such as produce and meat. Additionally, DeCA’s pricing policy, similar to that of retail grocery chains providing this service, is to charge you the item price in effect on the day and time of pickup.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Commissary Gift Card and the Military Star Card.
We do NOT accept cash, check, EBT/WIC vouchers.
Will I be charged a service fee when using CLICK2GO?
There is currenlty a $4.95 service fee for CLICK2GO orders.
There is no minimum order size or minimum dollar amount required.

How soon can I pick up my order?
There is a minimum six-hour lead time from the time the order is submitted to the time of curbside pickup. For example, an order submitted at 5 a.m. can be picked up the same day as early as 11 a.m. Orders placed after 11 a.m. will default to the next available pick-up time the following day.

What happens if I am going to be late?
If you are running late or will be unable to pick up your order, contact your CLICK2GO commissary via email or phone. That information is located on your confirmation email. The store will accommodate your schedule.

Should I tip the person handling my order when I pick up my groceries?
CLICK2GO employees are not allowed to accept tips.

How does CLICK2GO substitute out of stock items?
You are able to make substitutions for all items or individual items in your order.
We will substitute a like item in the closest size and price of the actual item ordered.
If you do not approve of the substituted item it can be deleted from your order at curbside.
You are able to make specific substitution requests by adding notes to your order.

Does CLICK2GO accept coupons?
Both digital coupons on the DeCA Rewards Card and paper coupons will be accepted at time of curbside pickup and payment.

How do I return an item?
Returns must be handled inside the commissary at customer service.

Can I use my personal reusable bags?
If you would like us to use paper or reusable bags rather than plastic please let us know by adding comments to your order.